About Us

Our offer extends beyond what best web designers, fastest website developers, or ingenious technical writers may provide. We offer the most essential cornerstone for ensuring a successful website; a close partnership with our clients, a rope of confidence woven with trust, cooperation, and assurance of delivery.


  1. We assist in the selection of a unique design that suits your business and your vision

  2. We build the appropriate structure that is tailored to your specified needs

  3. We remain at your side to help you choose compelling content

  4. We launch the site for you

  5. We worry about your website security

  6. We take full responsibility to enhance your Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

  7. We track and monitor site performance for you

  8. We provide you with regular reports on site performance

  9. We will maintain and update the site on your behalf

  10. Your monthly payment starts from the launching date, after you approve the design, the structure, and the content. Prior to the launch, we promise that no commitments will be required.

Being a newly founded company in the IT business, we assure a fresh perspective by bringing you a new way of doing business. Show us your vision, and we’ll do all the work. We are proud to offer you Website as a Service (WaaS).

Our team

Ahmad Abu-Awwad

Co-Founder / Technical Director


Zuhri Abu-Awwad

Co-Founder / Business Development Manager


Yara Abu-Awwad

Marketing Director / Technical Writer


Marco O'Sullivan

Web Designer & Developer


Qais Al-Bukhari



Ahmad Al-Kharroubi